Constitution & Rules

  1. Constitution

  1. NAME
    1.1 The name of the Club shall be Ballyvaughan Fanore Walking Club, hereinafter referred to as
    “the Club” or “Club”.
    2.1. Promote the interests of walking amongst members of the Club.
    2.2. Provide an opportunity for members of the Club to meet and participate in walking activities
    2.3. Conserve and preserve the natural ecology of the terrain.
    2.4. Foster the co-operation and respect the goodwill of farmers and land owners.
    2.5. Promote the principles of the “Leave No Trace Policy”.
    2.6. Promote the development of skills, safety and enjoyment in walking.
    3.1 Membership of the Club shall be on the basis of individual or family membership.
    3.2. Individuals under the age of 18 years, may be admitted as part of a family membership where
    either or both of the parents or guardians are members. Under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent
    or guardian who is a Club member on all Club walks and Club events. They will have no voting
    rights and shall not be eligible to hold office in the Club.
    3.3. Members of the Club shall ensure they take adequate responsibility for their own safety and
    adhere to the Constitution and Club’s Code of Practice as published on the Club website.
    4.1 The elected officers of the Club shall be: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Assistant
    Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and PRO.
    4.2. Nominees for officers of the Club shall be members of the Club for not less than one full year.
    4.3. Voting for the election of officers shall take place at the AGM, and shall be by secret ballot.
    4.4. No officer shall hold office for more than 3 consecutive years.
    5.1 The management of the Club shall be entrusted to the Committee, who must act in accordance
    with its Constitution.
    6.1. The Committee shall be composed of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Assistant
    Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, PRO, and Event Manager(s) as referred to under Section 6.5
    6.2. The Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Club and present reports to Club meetings and the
    6.3. Four elected members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum; each elected Committee
    member present shall be entitled to vote.
    6.4. Decisions shall be by majority vote of the elected members. In the event of an equal number of
    votes, the presiding Chairman shall exercise the casting vote.
    6.5. The Committee may appoint, to the Committee, Club member(s) to manage Club
    6.6. If a vacancy should occur on the Committee, from those referred to under Section 6.1, the
    Committee may co-opt a club member until the next AGM.
    6.7. The Agenda for the Committee meetings shall be circulated 7 days prior to the meeting.
    6.8. The Committee may nominate a representative (or representatives) of the Club to attend
    Mountaineering Ireland Council meetings to represent the views of the membership and vote on
    behalf of the Club.
    6.9. The Committee shall ensure that the Club is adequately insured.
    6.10. At the first Committee meeting, following its election, the Committee shall develop financial
    boundaries and safeguards for all transactions of the Club. These measures and any subsequent
    measures shall be presented to members at the next Club meeting for approval.
    6.11. The Committee shall operate a bank account or bank accounts in the name of the Club and all
    income received shall be documented and accounted for in the records.
    6.12. The Committee shall be responsible for the management of all property and equipment of the
    7.1. Chairman: The Chairman shall preside at Club and Committee meetings.
    7.2. Vice Chairman: In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall preside at meetings.
    7.3. Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for circulating notices of meetings, producing and
    distributing the minutes of Club and Committee meetings, dealing with correspondence, maintaining
    membership records and keeping members informed of upcoming events etc.
    7.4. Assistant Secretary: The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary when required. In the
    absence of the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary shall perform the duties of the Secretary.
    7.5. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of subscriptions and shall
    account for any other income and expenditure made on behalf of the Club and also to produce
    accounts in a structured and transparent manner at the Club AGM, or as requested by the Chairman.
    Withdrawals of funds from the Bank shall be authorised by the Treasurer and any one of the
    following: Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Treasurer or Event Manager.
    7.6. Assistant Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer as and when is necessary.
    7.7. PRO: It shall be the responsibility of the PRO to promote all Club walks, events and activities at
    every opportunity.
    8.1. Club meetings shall be held on a quarterly basis. The Secretary shall circulate an agenda not less
    than 7 days prior to meeting.
    8.2. Committee meetings shall be held on a quarterly basis, and more frequent as deemed necessary
    by the Chairman.
    8.3. The Club AGM shall be held no later than the last day of October. At least 21 days notice, with
    agenda, shall be given for this meeting. A Club member shall preside over the election of officers, as
    referred to in Section 4.1.
    8.4. An EGM may be convened by the Committee or at least 25% of paid up members of the Club.
    The purpose and details of the EGM shall be notified to the Club members at least 21 days prior to
    the meeting.
    9.1. The Committee shall have the power to set membership subscription levels for the Club on an
    annual basis.
    9.2. Only fully paid up members shall be allowed to walk as club members.
    9.3. Rates for day members shall be set by the Committee.
    9.4 All subscriptions become due when the AGM has been declared closed.
    10.1. The Constitution shall not be amended, unless proposed by the Committee or at least 25% of
    the paid up members. Such proposals shall be discussed and voted upon, by secret ballot, at an
    AGM/EGM. 21 days notice of this meeting shall be required.
    10.2. A review of the Constitution shall take place every 4 years.
    10.3. For the Club to be dissolved it shall require a two thirds majority vote of paid up members, at
    an AGM/EGM. The discharge of any assets shall be by the agreement of Club members. Any
    liabilities at the time of the dissolution shall be the responsibility of all paid up members.
    *Last amended: 17th May 2015